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Samsung Galaxy S8
LX titanium series

Introducing the world's most advanced Galaxy S8 case, the Extreme® LX Titanium series for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is inspired with the spirit of excellence and merges the beauty of modern-art with state-of-the-art Technology. Engineered using luxury materials and design techniques rarely seen outside the worlds of aerospace and F1 motorsport, the bumper is a true testament to our uncompromising pursuit of pure engineering perfection. There is no excess, only the raw, yet elegant, function of reproducing the most advanced and authentic experience possible. The result is a unique combination between beauty and power creating a signature look that is stylish yet understated, casual yet technical.

NeoWave™ technology for enhanced antenna reception Engineered with aerospace grade anodised Titanium Award-Winning luxury design inspired by F1 MotorSport


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Galaxy S8 Titanium case frame

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Key Features

  • LX Titanium series

    The LX Titanium series for the samsung Galaxy S8 is crafted using ANODISED TITANIUM and is impervious to nearly everything that your lifestyle can throw at it.

    Shock Absorption

    the LX Titanium SERIES for the Samsung Galaxy S8 uses Advanced Shock absorbing Technology for greater impact protection


    NEOWAVE TECHNOLOGY enhances the the Antenna performance of the Samsung Galaxy for boosted reception in out of range locations

  • Limited Edition
    Limited Edition Series

    inspired by F1 motorsport and high performance jet fighters. the Galaxy S8 titanium series is a limited edition model with only 500 units manufactured


    the LX Titanium Series features our patented anti-magnetic XLR® Motion TECHNOLOGY for enhanced stability and motion control

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