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Apple iPhone 8
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Screen Protector

Introducing the world's most advanced glass protector, the Extreme® Ultra HD™ screen protector for the new iPhone 8 is an Advanced State-Of-The-Art Crystal-glass™ protector designed to deliver unparalleled protection from external marks and scratches while maintaining incredible color and full High Definition picture quality. Beyond that the Extreme® Ultra HD™ screen Protector also enhances the touch screen response of the iPhone 8 thanks to our patented unique Precision-Touch™ Technology.

PureVision™ technology for Sharp High-Definition clarity State-Of-The-Art Crystal-Silicon™ screen protector film Precision-Touch™ technology for enhanced responsivity


Key Features

  • PUREVISION TECHNOLOGY Screen protector

    Experience vivid color and true High-Definition Resolution with our unique patented PUREVISION technology ultra HD screen protector.

  • iPhone 8 Plus CRYSTAL SILICONE Film

    luxurious crystal silicon film ensures maximum light transmittance, whilst providing the iPhone 8 screen protector with extreme scratch-resistant protection

  • UV OPTICAL FILTER anti-glare

    UV OPTICAL Filters reduce the strain on your eyes, whilst giving the iPhone 8 screen cover a anti-glare uv resistant finish

  • Precision-Touch technology

    unique Precision-Touch technology enhances the touch-screen responsivity of the iPhone 8 display

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