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Apple iPhone 5/SE

Dramatic yet graceful. Effortlessly simple with cutting-edge technology. The Extreme SX’650 Space Grey iPhone 5s/SE case utilizes our new Quantum-Hybrid™ multi-layer architecture which delivers STD-810G military-grade shock resistant protection from the bumps, drops and scrapes you may encounter on your daily adventures. The SX’650 series is engineered with our new patented Modular Cooling-System™ Technology which allows the iPhone SE case to distribute heat away from the device to ensure optimal performance. The unique Hi-Tech design, elegant curves and innovative features represent a new interpretation of beauty and function with high performance protection.

Advanced Modular Cooling-System™ allows max air-flow Quantum-Hybrid™ multi-layered shock resistant design NeoWave™ Technology for enhanced antenna reception


Key Features

  • iPhone 5/5s case Modular Cooling-System™ technology
    Modular Cooling-System™

    The SX’650 iPhone 5/SE case is Engineered with our new Modular Cooling-System™ which efficiently wicks away excessive heat from the iPhone 5/5s to ensure the device is always running at optimal performance.

  • iPhone 5/5s case Shock Absorption
    Shock Absorption

    the Extreme® iPhone 5/SE case Features Advanced Shock Absorption elastomer™ grip Technology for greater impact protection against bumps, marks and scratches

  • Quantum Hybrid Architecture
    Quantum Hybrid Architecture

    The multi layer Quantum-Hybrid architecture of the SX'650 Space Grey iPhone SE case provides STD-810G military-grade drop tested protection against accidental damage while maintaining seamless usability in a slim-line design.

  • NeoWave Technology
    NeoWave Technology

    NEOWAVE TECHNOLOGY enhances the the Antenna performance of the iPhone 5/SE for boosted reception in out of range locations

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