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iPad Air Carbon Fibre Case

Apple iPad Air/Air 2

Experience the ultimate combination of luxury, style and performance. The Extreme® LX'950 nitro edition for the iPad Air 2 is inspired by the tireless pursuit of perfection and combines the beauty of modern-art with state-of-the-art technology. Engineered using high performance carbon fibre and XEDGE™ refined fibre glass for exceptional strength to weight ratio. The Extreme® LX'950 carbon fibre smart cover also features our new patented NeoWave® Technology for enhanced antenna performance with more efficient signal distribution in out of range locations. Discover the ultimate expression of pure craftsmanship where passion, innovation, strength and beauty unite. A true avant-garde masterpiece.

NeoWave™ technology for enhanced antenna reception Precision Engineered using high luxury Carbon Fibre™ Award-Winning luxury design inspired by Pro MotorSport 55% OFF Promotion Offer: RRP £99.99 Limited Time only


iPad Air Carbon Fibre Case Intro

SX'911 nitro edition flat view

ipad Air smart cover technology

iPad 5 case design award

Key Features

  • iPad Air Carbon Fibre Case
    Performance Grade Carbon Fibre

    Nothing equals the exquisite looks and presence of The LX'950 nitro edition, the iPad Air case is engineered using Performance grade Carbon Fibre and refined fibre glass for unparalleled style and performance. This is the exact same material used in high performance jet fighters and PRO Motorsport

  • iPad 5 case Shock Absorption protection
    Shock Absorption

    the LX'950 nitro edition uses Advanced Shock absorbing Technology for greater impact protection against bumps, marks and scratches. The iPad 5 case is manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure unmatched performance


    the Extreme® LX'950 iPad Air 2 case features our new anti-magnetic XLR® Motion TECHNOLOGY for enhanced stability and motion control


    NEOWAVE TECHNOLOGY enhances the the Antenna performance of the iPad Air for boosted reception in out of range locations

  • limited edition Carbon Fibre Case
    Limited Edition Series

    inspired by F1 motorsport and high performance jet fighters. the LX'950 nitro edition ipad Air Case is a limited edition model with only 500 units manufactured


  • Model LX'950 nitro edition

  • Color Phantom Black

  • Dimension 244 x 182 x 13 mm

  • Inner Material Ultra Soft polyurethane microfiber

  • Smart Cover Outer Material High Luxury F1 Grade Carbon Fibre (XEDGE® Fibre Glass Technology)

  • Back Cover Case Polycarbonate, impact-resistant Crystal Silicon

  • Packing Details Limited Edition Gift Box ( Dimension: 266 x 197 x 21mm)

  • Compatibility Smart Cover Case compatible with Apple iPad Air and iPad Air 2

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  • SX Signature Series iPad Air Case
  • iPad Air Keyboard
  • Fighter Wave FX Stylus Pen Pro