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CX'550 Crystal Shield Case

The Extreme® CX'550 Crystal Shield case for the iPhone 5/SE is designed to enhance the true engineering excellence of the iPhone and is one of the most advanced transparent cases available in the market today. The Extreme® CX'550 series not only protects the iPhone SE efficiently, but its form-fitting factor will also preserve the original design of the device. The CX'550 crystal series is engineered using high performance materials and is equipped with an unique inner frame comprised of premium Crystal-Silicon™ that's coated with high powered polymer. The outer frame is a UV-coated polycarbonate material and uses PureVision™ Technology for maximum light transmittance.

PureVision™ technology for maximum light transmittance Ultra state-of-the-art Crystal-Silicone™ case technology Extreme durability against bumps, marks and scratches PROMOTION OFFER! + BUY 1 GET 1 FREE


Key Features

  • Hybrid-Material case
    Hybrid Materials

    The CX'550 Crystal Shield case is engineered with high powered polymer and hybrid materials for unparalleled protection

  • Shock Absorption
    Shock Absorption

    the Extreme CX'550 case for the iphone 5/SE uses Advanced Shock absorbing elastomer™ grip Technology for greater impact protection

  • PureVision™ technology
    PureVision technology

    the crystal series iphone 5/SE case uses PureVision™ Technology for maximum light transmittance

    BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

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