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SX'550 headphones

Introducing the world's most advanced in-ear headphones. The Project Extreme® SX'550 headphones are inspired with the spirit of excellence and merge the beauty of modern-art with state-of-the-art Technology. Engineered with some of the most advanced audio technology ever to be put into a set of in-ear headphones. The Extreme® SX'550 headphones are designed around the pure science of sound. There is no excess, only the raw, yet elegant, function of reproducing the most authentic sound experience possible. The result is a marriage between beauty and power creating a signature look that is stylish yet understated, casual yet technical

Engineered using High-luxury Aviation-Grade aluminium IcePower™ Bass-Reflex technology for unparalleled bass Sx3 Acoustics Engine equalizes to the emotion of sound Award-Winning Luxury Design inspired by F1 MotorSport 85% OFF Promotion Offer: RRP £189.99 Limited Time only

£29.99  Limited Availability

Key Features

  • Aviation Grade ALUMINIUM
    Aviation Grade ALUMINIUM

    The new SX'550 in-ear headphones are engineered using AVIATION GRADE ALUMINIUM. The same material used in aerospace and high performance jet fighter planes.

  • evolution-x audio headphones

    evolution-x Advanced Audio technology allows the Headphones to generate sound that is bit for bit identical to the original source with advanced noise isolating technology. Warning! Ultra High powered Bass.

  • SX3 Acoustics Engine
    Sx3 Acoustics Engine

    Sx3 Acoustics Engine automatically equalizes the SX-550 headphones to the correct emotion of sound, allowing you to experience the impact of crystal clear audio performance.

  • air studios
    Air-studios Precision Sound Calibration

    fine-tuned at London's renowned AIR Studios; an international benchmark for state of the art sound engineering

  • Limited Edition
    Limited Edition Headphones

    inspired by F1 motorsport and high performance jet fighters. the SX'550 Headphones are a limited edition series with only 500 earphones manufactured. Each set is engineered with a unique contour housing making them truly one of a kind.


  • Model: SX'550 - Mark II

  • Speaker Type (headphones) High-Definition Dynamic Drivers

  • Frequency response 8 Hz - 25,000 Hz

  • Bass System IcePower™ (Bass-Reflex™ Technology) Warning! Ultra High powered Bass.

  • Cable length 112cm (High Frequency Cable)

  • Impedance (Ohm) 32 Ω

  • Sensitivity 100dB/1mW (IEC)

  • Sound pressure level (SPL) 126 dB (1kHz/1Vrms)

  • Magnet Ultra Neodymium

  • THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.1%

  • Sound isolation system Yes

  • DTS Audio Capability Yes

  • Transducer principle Dynamic

  • DTS-HD Master Audio Yes (bitstream output only)

  • Bass Reflex Technology Yes

  • Weight Approx. 7.5 g

  • Audio Calibration Auto (Sx3 Acoustics Engine)

  • Materials Aviation-Grade Aluminium (7075) - Titanium finish

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